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VX used to be called Rock-it-Ball in its early days.  It was rebranded because of the international growth.  School Sports Partnerships (SSPs) and Partnership Development Managers (PDMs) welcomed VX (Rock-it-Ball as it was) as it ticked all their boxes.  In particular it helped increase participation among less-sporty students. This video is from a DVD that was made at the time and it features Vale Royal SSP. They used to bring a selection of their less-sporty children together from schools in the partnership, give them a short period of introduction and practice and then throw them into a tournament/competition.  These pupils had never played before.  It is important to note that they didn't make the students dribble - this is something that is introduced at a later stage.  All they need to start with is to know how to pick up and throw and the basic rules.  Although SSPs and PDMs basically don't exist any more, VX still has the same impact and brings the same benefits to education.